Being a mom who works outside of the home in today’s society can be complicated, and it’s not just because of ALL of the multitasking we do. We can definitely be guilty of spreading ourselves thin, and it can get pretty overwhelming!  If you’re anything like me, you have days when your house is a disaster, you’ve got a pile of laundry that, if touched, would threaten your physical safety, your email inbox is full, and your phone is ringing off the hook. Then, as you’re getting dinner started, your child happens to mention some obscure school project due the next day that involves a heavy use of the glue gun … you know, the one you can’t remember where you put after the completion of the last obscure school project.

Unfortunately, as working moms, we can’t always drop everything to play a game, or read a story or attend every single school event… even if we really want to! Additionally, on the work front, we may feel that people around us are laying on the judgement when we have to leave to pick-up a sick child, or we can’t attend that work dinner or happy hour because we need to go home to take care of our families. It’s then, for me, that the guilt really starts to set in and I end up feeling like I am not really excelling in any one facet of my life. Not doing particularly well in either my career OR in the parenting department…and that ladies, can be a pretty crummy feeling.

It’s in those times I think we owe it to ourselves to try to take a minute to mentally slow things down. We’ve got this! Working outside of the home definitely doesn’t make us worse mothers. Just as being a mom doesn’t make us any less amazing and accomplished in the work field!

Although it can sometimes be hard, we need to let ourselves off the hook a little bit and really celebrate and  enjoy all the things we and our fellow working mothers are accomplishing, both professionally and in parenthood! At the end of the day, that housework really isn’t going anywhere, those emails and phone calls will eventually get returned, and some form of something edible will, at some point, be put on the table for dinner.

As for that school project...there is a rumor going around that if we pray hard enough to the glue gun gods, we’ll find that glue gun right in the craft drawer exactly where it belongs.