Having 3 kids under 8 and going out to a restaurant to eat can definitely have its challenges! We are always on the hunt for new San Antonio area places that are kid friendly, delicious and easy on the budget. This year for Mother’s Day my husband suggested that we try a place we had never been, called Wraptitude, and it was definitely a hit!

My husband had originally selected it because it’s somewhat in the middle of where we live and where my in-laws live in Marion, TX.  I had honestly never heard of it, but when he told me it had both live music, an outdoor playground for the kids, and what sounded like delicious burgers on the menu I was sold! If any of you know me, he probably could have led with the burger part and that truthfully would have been enough! 



Located off of FM3009 & Schoenthal Rd., we arrive on the afternoon of Mother’s Day to meet the rest of our family and the atmosphere was great! They had live music playing, plenty of outdoor picnic tables for our large family, outdoor string lights and the kids loved the playground! They do have some indoor seating as well but, it was nice and relaxing to sit outside and be able to just enjoy ourselves. They offer a variety of food including apps, wraps, salads, sandwiches, burgers and even had a kids menu. We ordered our food and when it arrived it was so good! I got a pretty run of the mill burger as I am typically not too adventurous, and my husband tried another one called “Big Kahuna”. It was their take on a burger with a Hawaiian twist! We were able to bring our own little cake in to celebrate Mother’s Day, which was a nice way to end the afternoon.


Overall, the food was excellent, we had good service, and the atmosphere really made the day great! The bottom line is, I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for a place to go that accommodates young children, isn’t too pricey, and offers a variety of really good food! What are some other local San Antonio area restaurants that you like to take your families and would recommend?